A half-day Workshop

Mobile Manipulators for Manufacturing Applications



The use of mobile manipulators is one of the key elements for future robotic technologies. Despite the broad interest that these robotic platforms and the related scientific challenges generate in the service robotics community, their biggest potentials, technologically as well as financially, can probably be found within  manufacturing. The manufacturing sector is nowadays the largest robot user. It has in-depth knowledge of the advantages and limitations of the traditional robotics systems and therefore offers application scenarios par excellence to the mobile manipulators research community. Among many other sectors, the aeronautics, automotive industry,  shipbuilding or the clean energy are excellent and challenging examples of the high potential applications for this robotics sector.

The objective of this 4 hour workshop is to open a discussion forum with experts and  end-users to cross share recent developments, challenges and future research trends with other experts and potential end-users of this technology.

Key-topics from the end-user application scenarios are logistics for the automotive industry, large scale manufacturing operations for shipyards, large scale manufacturing for the aeronautics sector among others.

Researchers will share the latest results in topics like Localization and Navigation, both platform and arm, Human robot interaction and cooperation, Multi-robot cooperation and co-manipulation and Object recognition and localization.


  1. Germano Veiga, INESC-Porto, Portugal

  2. Volker Krüger, Aalborg University, Denmark

  3. Antoine Lasnier, PSA Peugeot Citroen, France

  4. Guy Caverot, BA Systėmes, France

Tuesday, May 26, 13:30-17:00 in Room WSCC 615.


  1. Clay Flannigan: dropbox.com

  2. Samuel Bouchard: pdf

  3. Henrik Christensen: pdf

  4. Sven Behnke: pdf

  5. Dominik Bösl: adobe