Shaoping Bai
Title Professor, Ph.D.
  Dept. Materials and Production &
Centre for Robotics Research
Aalborg University, Denmark

Founder of BioX ApS, Denmark

Address Pon. 103, Rm 2.105
Phone +45 9940 9291(o); +45 2136 9697 (m)

PhD scholarship in assistive robotics immidiately availableSee full size image

We are looking for a candidate to work on a new project for the development of exoskeletons that will assist elderly persons in enhancing their mobility and manipulability. The candidate will get involved in design and development of upper arm exoskeletons, with focus on the user-motion intention detection and robot control.

 The candidate should have a MSc degree in control engineering, mechatronics or robotics with relevant background for robotic or assistive system development. Strong competencies in dynamics and robotics, and skills of simulation in MATLAB and programming in C/C++ are essential. Experience in one or more of the following areas will be considered an asset:

- Design and control of exoskeleton systems

- motion intention detection and control

- human/robot interaction

The scholarship is immediately available. The successful candidate will be offered a three-year scholarship of phd study at AAU. Applications, including cv and transcripts, should be sent to prof. Shaoping Bai of Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, AAU, at


Research Interests
  • Robotics: humanoid, mobile robots, surgical robots, calibration
  • Robot design: robotic arms, robotic wrists, parallel manipulators
  • Linkage synthesis/analysis, computer-aided design
  • Modelling, simulation and reliability analysis of wind turbine transmissions

Research projects

  • Robotics and Wearable Exoskeleton Technology

VIEXO (2022-2025)

The project is funded by Independant Research Fund Denmark, with an aim to develop a new generation of industrial exoskeletons. The reserach focus in on the variable impedance modeling, perceiption, and control.

Collaborators: National University of Singapore, Exoskeletter ApS


ALEXO (2019-2022)

A three year project to empower people with walking difficulties with an advanced intelligent lower-body exoskeleton.  The objective is to develop and test an effective, safe and affordable leg exoskeleton to assist people who have walking problems.

Collaborator: Aalborg University Hosipital

Funded by Nyegaardsfond



EXO-AIDER, aka E-joint, is a Grand Solutions project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, running from 2017 to 2021.














AXO-SUIT: exoskeletons suitable for elderly persons

 A three year project stated on October 1st 2014 and is funded under the EU Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme, Call 6

The project was completed with great success. EU AAL selected AXO-SUIT at the project of the month in 2020.

Funding bodies


An arm exoskeleton produced by 3D printing

Exoskeleton for upper extremity assistance

A project within the SPIR platform project Patient@home, the largest research project in welfare technology in Denmark funded by

Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation

Aalborg Universitet



A novel 3-dof robot for Schoenflies motion generation

The robot is able to generate Schoenfilies motion, i.e. a special group of motion containing three translations and one rotation, similar to the motion of a waiter carrying glasses. The new type of robots is well suited for PnP operations in food and pharmaceutical industries.

The project is founded by: RoboCluster and AAU

First version has been developed by a group of MP6 students in the Spring 2013, while the electronics and motion controller were built by a group of MP5 students.

video (1) animation of the PnP motion (click here)

Video (2) robot assembly (click here)

Video (3) pick-and-place  demo, 1st prototype (click here)

Video (4) demo by 2nd prototype (click here)


the AALARM (AAU Lightweight Arm)
click to view a large pics
A light-weight robotic arm for assistive applications.

Research student: Lelai Zhou (PhD)


The project is funded by

Aalborg Universitetobel

video (1): (the first prototype built by L. Zhou)

(2) (robot for drink serving, developed by MP6 students in 2012 Spring)

(3) (robot for drink serving ver 2.developed by MP3 students 2012 Automn)

The 3-PPR manipulator is driven with three high-precision self-sensing SMAC actuators.
Click here for a video clip
Multi-objective optimization of spherical parallel manipulators

PhD student: Guanglei Wu

Collaborator: Dr. Stephane Caro, IRCCyN, France

  • Dynamics and design
A Robust Method of Dimensional Synthesis of Linkages and it Industrial Applications


Dynamic modeling and reliability analysis of a wind turbine gearbox

Research students:

Esben Aldal and  Rudi Olesen, (MSc, graduated in june 2010)

Younes AIT DAOUI, Exchanging student from ECN, France

Luis Fernando Garcia (MSc, graduated in June 2012)



    Selected publications
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